Love is in the air

Can you smell it? Take a deep breath…..LOVE is in the air. Most of us know what LOVE feels like… intense feeling of deep affection.  But what exactly does LOVE smells like? 

When you were in grade school did you ever borrow your boyfriend’s cologne to spray on your bedroom pillow? I admit it, I did.  But why? Memories, emotions and feelings are often triggered by our sense of smell.  Scent has the power to evoke memories which then can affect what we are feeling (emotionally and physically).   In my teens, LOVE smelled like Cool Water cologne.  

Now years later, happily married with 2 boys.  LOVE smells a little different. Sometimes LOVE smells like the scent of my children when they were little, after playing outside, warm and sweet with a tiny hint of musk. My husband the woodworker; woodsy with a hint of spice. Sweet flowers picked fresh from our garden.   And home…..cozy and warm.

The Dahl Farmhouse LOVE fragrance collection

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