About Tori

Welcome to The Dahl Farmhouse

This is Us: Jon, me (Tori), Tyler and Ryan Dahl

In 1999 my husband Jon and I purchased an abandoned 100 year old farm house in Texas.

With determination, love, hard work and the help of our family, together we restored what was once an abandoned-run down-farmhouse and transformed it into a beautiful home filled with love, laughter and a lot of wonderful memories.

Our kitchen


Our kitchen


The sink is the original 100 year old farmhouse sink.

From the moment we moved in, even among the chaos of the restoration, I have always found a way to incorporate my love of celebrating the seasons and holidays. Over the years I’ve discovered home décor helps remind us of special memories and allows us to create spaces all our own.

I look forward to encouraging, inspiring and helping you create memories of your own, within your home each season, by incorporating a little creativity and whimsy into your home decor.

Tori Dahl