The Scent of Solitude

2 years ago I converted our unused guest room into my home office. I had no idea how much I would come to depend on my home office during these past 12 months. My husband works from home and (thanks to 2020) I now have 2 teenage boys at home attending online school. I went from having a few hours everyday (while my kids were in school) to zero time alone. During this past year, my office has became my sanctuary where I find solitude.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having this extra time with my children. 98% of the time the door to my office remains open. Throughout the day, my kids pop in, sit on the bed and share this or that. But…..on those rare days, for whatever reason, when I need my space, I shut my office door. This is their signal, which indicates, do not disturb, mom is seeking solitude.

I turn on the classical station, grab a book, snuggle under a cozy knit blanket, take a deep breath and read. Awe, the comfort of a little peace, quite and solitude does wonders to restore my soul.

It was during one of these quite moments of solitude when I knew I had to create a seasonal scent to capture this feeling.

The Dahl Farmhouse Seasonal Scent, Solitude.

Solitude Wax Melts and Linen Spray

Solitude Reed Diffuser

Perfect for your home office desk

To Purchase The Dahl Farmhouse Seasonal Scents Wax Melts and Linen Sprays


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