What are Wax Melts?

Imagine a candle without a wick.  Now imagine cutting the candle into one inch by one inch tiny cubes.  Simply said, wax melts are cubes of 100% scented soy wax.   Wax melts are heated with electric wax melt warmers or tea light wax warmers.    When the wax is warm, within minutes, scent is released into the air.  Each wax melt cube provides at 8-12 hours of scent.  

The Dahl Farmhouse Spring Wax Melt

Benefits of wax melts and wax warmers: 

Warmers come in various styles to fit your home decor

With the use of low light, warmers create a soothing ambiance 

Most warmers may be left unattended

Warmers may act as night lights

Wax Melts have longer burning times than candles

Electric warmers are permitted for use in places where open flames are not allowed (work, offices, dorm rooms, etc.).

Electric warmers may be used around pets and children; no open flame. 

You can control the amount of scent by the amount of wax you melt.

They don’t create soot as candles do.

Wax melts can make creative and cute gifts.

Electric Wax Warmers

Use a 7-15 watt light bulbs to warm the wax  

Tea Light Wax Warmers

Use one tea light candle to warm the wax

To Purchase The Dahl Farmhouse Seasonal Scent Wax Melts Visit


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