Making a statement with Conversation Candy Hearts

In 5th grade I opened a Valentine (from the cutest boy in class) and tucked inside was a conversation candy heart that read, Be Mine. My heart skipped a beat when I thought he was asking me to go steady. My heart was quickly shattered when I learned he had given a candy heart to every girl in class.

I still have fond memories of conversation candy hearts but these days instead of receiving them as Valentines I incorporate these sweet treats in my Valentines Decor.

After purging 10 tubs of holiday decor from our attic, thanks to what I call the 2020 Purge, I realized I had to pivot my Valentines decor to align with my new simplistic decor style. Remembering I had ziplock bags of candy hearts stored in the freezer (left over from 2 years ago); I gathered other supplies from around the house to create a Conversation Heart Centerpiece for our kitchen island.

Conversation Heart Centerpiece

Conversation Heart Centerpiece

How to Make it

Using a 3 gallon acrylic fish tank, measuring 12″ H x 9″ W, insert a smaller clear glass votive holder into the center on the larger vessel.

Leaving the center vessel empty, add candy hearts up to the rim of the center vessel. I used 8 bags of candy to fill the container, totaling 3,234 candy hearts but who’s counting?

Insert fresh flowers, faux flowers or a plant into the center vessel. TIP: I covered the plant with a paper plate to add more candy hearts to the vessel.

I completed the centerpiece by adding a metal Valentine Conversation Heart stake from the Round Top Collection,

A few other simple Valentine Conversation Heart Statement Piece Ideas

If you don’t have any children or pets who could potentially eat the candy, fill a tray with conversation hearts and add a simple flower arrangement.

Fill a clear container 1/3 of the way and add a candle.

Helpful Hint

After Valentines Day , store the candy hearts in ziplock zipper bags in the freezer to reuse next year.

Happy Valentines Day.

All you need is love.

(and lots of candy hearts)

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