Seasonal grocery store flowers styled with fruits and veggies

Most grocery stores offer a beautiful selection of seasonal prepackaged bouquets as well as an assortment of a variety of individually wrapped blooms you can purchase to create your own one-of-a-kind arrangement. But don’t head to the check out after selecting your blooms. Head over to the produce section.

Grocery store blooms accented
with artichokes

Simple Steps to have you styling flowers (and produce) like the pro’s.

1.Floral Selection: Don’t overthink it when selecting flowers. I often select blooms that coordinate with the decor of my home.

PRO TIP: Flowers have expiration dates marked on their wrapping. Just like picking packaged lettuce, select the stems with the longer expiration date.

Thinking Outside of the Floral Department: After selecting your flowers head over to the produce section. Oranges, apples, strawberries, artichokes, lemons provide beautiful texture, color and add an element of surprise to any arrangement.

2. Tools of the Trade: Floral tape, scissors and wooden skewers

Waterproof floral tape may be purchased at any local craft store or on online.

Cut strips of floral tape and make a grid on top of a vase or container to hold arrangements in place.

PRO TIP: always cut at least 1/4″ off of the stem before arranging. This allows water to be absorbed by the stem.

Insert a wooden skewer into the fruit or veggie and add to the arrangement using the Design Rule of Three. Things arranged in odd numbers are visually appealing to the human eye.  Slice the oranges and lemons before adding them into your arrangement and they will provide a wonderful aroma to your blooms.

Putting it all Together

Rhythm and Balance. Balance does not necessarily mean symmetrical. When you are finished arranging your flowers, step back and take a look. Your eye should “move across” the arrangement rather than honing in on one spot. Keep arranging until you find your rhythm and balance. Your eyes will know when you’ve created a beautiful and balanced arrangement.

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